What to do with the Parapet?

Wrap your parapet walls “up and over.”

Some contractors may recommend stopping on the inside of the parapet wall, as a cost saving measure. At DCA Roofing, unless there is an extenuating circumstance we strongly encourage building owners to go “up and over” their roofs with the membrane.  Water has a habit of finding its way into your building, given the opportunity.

While we are on the topic of parapets, have you ever seen the trampoline effect?  When the membrane begins to pull away from the wall, creating a trampoline.  Typically the makeup of the membrane doesn’t allow for the expansion and contraction, creating issues.  DCA Roofing installs a PVC roof system that solves this problem.

Properly installing the parapet membrane will eliminate future leak sources and provide a true watertight roof system.  Who doesn’t want less hassle?

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