TOP 10 Roof Elements to Inspect

On and on we discuss the importance of roof maintenance. Keep in mind, its not a selling ‘tactic’ but instead its a practical way to extend the life of your roof. These 10 elements are just the start of a thorough inspection.

Once we saw a motivational speaker, let’s call him Tony. He mentioned that he had a car. It was a good car, in perfect working condition. After a year or so, the radio started having issues. He decided he could live without the radio, no big deal.  A light on his dash lit up, he decided he would get to that ‘later.’  Then Tony heard a ticking noise under the hood, the defrost didn’t work that well and then it was his brakes. Before he knew it he had a very expensive list of repairs that needed made.

Instead of taking each issue on one at a time, they piled up. Tony needed this car to be able to get to and from his job to earn money. He needed this car to be able to transport his children to their after school activities. He was pretty frustrated with himself for letting his vehicle go to the wayside. How could he do this, after all the car is really important to his productivity and his livelihood.

Do you see a parallel regarding your roof?

Worst case scenario? The roof collapses, its dramatic but unfortunately it happens every single year. Not as bad of a scenario? Water leaks in and ruins equipment, computers or inventory.

We know that the roof tends to be ‘out of sight out of mind’ but we encourage you to let us worry about it. Its SO easy to schedule Quarterly Roof Inspections or to call us out on an as needed basis after a storm.

Extend the life of your roof, pay attention to it and protect it like the investment that it is. Call today (330) 359-2030.