Metal Roof Solution

Although metal roofs can offer superior protection against fire, the cost for replacing a metal roof can be substantial. At DCA Roofing, we offer an alternative solution that comes with a 15 or 20 year No-Dollar Limit Warranty.

First, we’ll install insulation in between the ribs of the metal roof, followed by a layer of insulation on top of the ribs. Finally, a PVC membrane is added which encapsulates the entire metal roof.

  • No more seam and fastener problems.
  • No more cracks and leaks around penetrations.
  • No more rust and corrosion.
  • Includes additional insulation which means an energy savings.

This is a viable option for obtain a leak-free roof system without the cost of tearing off your current metal roof.  Give us a call to learn more.  (330) 359-2030