Roof Walkpads – Why Bother?

Walkpads are one extra minor step that can make a major impact on the longevity of your roof. Walkpads should be installed strategically in all high traffic areas and around all rooftop equipment.  HVAC units, pumps, outlets, vents and power stations that are serviced throughout the year increase the foot traffic on your roof, making […]

Welcome to Fall…and Clogged Roof Drains

The potential for clogged roof drains occurs during every season, but especially in Fall.  The increase in storms, high winds and leaves falling make the perfect scenario for clogged drains.  It seems so easy to overlook as well. Roof drains present multiple problems: Many manufacturers void warranties for ponded water. If your drain is causing […]

Flat Roof Frustrations are Real!

10+ year old roof Previous Roof Makeup: 3.5″ ISO covered with TPO Size: 9,600 square feet  With several severe roof leaks, we needed to help this Metal Fab shop ASAP.  The leaks caused several problems and a slow down in work flow.  We were able to complete the project quickly, without disruption. Solution: Overlaid with […]

A Roof Overlay saves the Day, and the Money!

The project is a great example of how taking a proactive approach to your roofing system is key to saving money.  As the current roof system was delaminating, the building owner began the search for a solution.  DCA Roofing was able to overlay the 34,805 square foot roof, quickly with a Duro-Last membrane roof system. If […]

What to do with the Parapet?

Wrap your parapet walls “up and over.” Some contractors may recommend stopping on the inside of the parapet wall, as a cost saving measure. At DCA Roofing, unless there is an extenuating circumstance we strongly encourage building owners to go “up and over” their roofs with the membrane.  Water has a habit of finding its way […]

Pay attention to the Roof Penetrations

Roof penetrations are a common source of roof leaks. Often, roofing crews are “making” the boots, curbs and flashings on site per the manufacturer, as they go.  Naturally they are in a hurry and sometimes there is a lapse in quality.  DCA Roofing offers a roof system that has these items pre-fabricated and are ordered […]

Metal Roof Solution

Although metal roofs can offer superior protection against fire, the cost for replacing a metal roof can be substantial. At DCA Roofing, we offer an alternative solution that comes with a 15 or 20 year No-Dollar Limit Warranty. First, we’ll install insulation in between the ribs of the metal roof, followed by a layer of insulation on […]

Before & After

After battling roof leak after roof leak, the building owner knew it was time to replace the roof system.  Upon learning that the roof seams on the PVC membrane we install are heat welded, he was more than willing to change roof systems for this installation.  In addition to the seams, he was also very […]