Welcome to Fall…and Clogged Roof Drains

The potential for clogged roof drains occurs during every season, but especially in Fall.  The increase in storms, high winds and leaves falling make the perfect scenario for clogged drains.  It seems so easy to overlook as well.

Roof drains present multiple problems:

Many manufacturers void warranties for ponded water. If your drain is causing a water back up, then you could be putting your warranty at risk.

The standing water accelerates the degradation of the roof seams, tar and caulking which can create premature failure of the roof system.  Growth of moss and other plant life can also shorten the life span of the roof.

The water collects in a specific area of the roof, near a drain.  The extra weight of the water could create disastrous effects, such as a roof collapse.

Often older buildings have roof drains that are not up to code with today’s rainfall data.  They may not be the correct size, or there may not be enough drains in place.

Let DCA Roofing perform a Fall Roof Inspection. We’ll not only check the drains but perform a full inspection and point out any areas of concern.  Call us today (330) 359-2030.  We serve all of Northeast Ohio.