Storms: Wind, Rain & Hail

Weather in Ohio can be unpredictable but we do know that with each season’s arrival comes a wide variety of weather events. The forecast for the Northeast this week shows several thunderstorms in the mix of high heat.  Your roof takes a beating.

DCA Roofing recommends that you perform a visual inspection of your roof after every storm. If on your way to work you see downed trees, branches in debris, take a moment to inspect your roof. Check for clogged drains, damage from branches, debris etc.  Taking the time to check soon after the storm can ward off larger problems, such as a roof leak that slows or halt’s the production of your team or worse, damages equipment.

It’s easy to be “too busy” for such a task.  Call DCA Roofing, we can perform the inspection for you.  (330) 359-2030.